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The internet has changed the way we conduct business whether it’s a large, mid-size or small company....


The internet has changed the way we conduct business whether it’s a large, mid-size or small company.

Gathering of data and collaboration among workers is now simplified. With the advent of social media technologies, businesses can now increase their reach via social business software. You can check out to know more about sush software.

For a mid-size company, the right social business software should be one that enhances communication and collaboration. Although communication and collaboration go hand in hand, communication is the first step and collaboration is built on it.

Effective communication helps with the flow of information within your company as this will help employees work better at achieving set goals while collaboration is focused on building teamwork and synergy.

When choosing the right business software for your mid-size company, you should focus on software that has both communication and collaboration features.

Although there are many social business software that have loads of features that aid communication and collaboration, below are the top 5 social business software for any midsize company.

  1. Jive-n: From social to knowledge management

Why is Jive-n remarkable?

  • It goes straight into business

With Jive-n you can train your staff or team members by using various pages and websites that can help your office to be abreast of essential business processes.

You can activate these business processes easily without searching for your IT personnel to help you implement it.

With Jive-n, it’s easy to deliver important information to your staff by creating an interesting and easy-to set up news or information page for your company.

Your staff should be able to subscribe to this page automatically. They should be able to receive information based on their department, responsibility, geography and more.

The information page you set up can also include other pages such as FAQ’s, sales monitoring and empowerment, interaction with the HR, new employee integration, IT help desk and other pages that are necessary.

  • It has a mobile app

You can access your Jive-n wherever you are. It has an easy-to-use and friendly daily mobile app that grants you access into Jive at anytime of the day and from any place under the sun. It is within your reach.

You have access to Jive box and you can control all your communication.

You can find out what the latest information about the company, search and interact with other staff, get more content to help you with your work, write articles and share them, create posts like videos, pictures and blog posts.

  • Efficient synchronization

Jive-n links your IT communications and simplifies silos, enables efficient work flow by synchronizing all apps and devices used so that no record is lost. Jive has the ability to synchronize data from two different devices so you can use your mobile device and a PC.

Synchronization can be between

  • Different mails

  • Apps for your documents such as Evernote, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs.

  • Your real-time communication apps such as Google hangouts, Cisco WebEx and Jabber and Microsoft Skype for Business Online

  • Salesforce, Jira, Zendesk and ServiceNow

  • Wall to Wall Insight

This intranet grants you access to the different activities, processes and connections available for your business. With its potent and easy accessible analytics you can find out where the challenge lies in every step of the way and you can improve where you need to.

  • Jive has everything you need

Jive-n understands the importance of communication and collaboration in a company and you can create events, document collaborations, groups, smart search, profiles and discussions.

  1. Workplace: Facebook at Work

Here are some things you should know about Facebook at work.

Facebook at work doesn’t have a different layout from your personal Facebook page. Its easy for your employees to adapt to it.

This platform also brings in the live video feature. You can use this to pass important messages and everyone can see you live.

You can make audio or video calls. Although Microsoft and Google have these features, with Facebook at work, you don’t need to get off the platform to communicate with your staff.

Your newsfeed is also present on Facebook at Work which is essential for dissemination of information within your workplace. You can use it for company announcements, birthday shoutout and humble brags.

The layout of this software allows your staffs receive information and keeps out unwanted messages.

You can also create events with Facebook at work.

  1. Yammer: Microsoft solution

With Yammer, you can bring people together in one place which of course is virtual. This makes it great for companies with many staff and department.

Yammer is great for beginners as it is easy to learn and it also great for social networking. Your staff can feel free to express themselves since it is a work platform and everyone has an idea of who everyone is and they feel safe.

Yammer is a closed group. Information and communication on this software doesn’t go out of the border of Yammer. It doesn’t give room for networking with the larger world which isn’t the purpose of social networking.

Yammer sends a lot of clutter mails and you will keep receiving notifications which can be quite annoying but you can go to your settings to make that adjustment and only receive the important messages.

  1. Zoho

This is social business software is an all-in-one. Everything you need is right there and the all time classic Zoho has a design that is better with a user-friendly interface.

You can separate the many features Zoho offers which is one of the things that make Zoho simple and friendly.

Although Zoho might be expensive for mid-size companies but you can be sure that you will get the worth for your money.

It’s not so big that you can’t maneuver your way around it and create an option for you and your staffs to communicate. You can choose the best way it works for you.

Zoho is wonderful because it can be integrated with CRM and ERP options.


  1. Chatter by SalesForce

With Chatter by SalesForce, you can upgrade your profile to source information: with this your staff can ask questions and receive counsel even without sending out many mails.

You can share relevant information like articles or documents that will be relevant to your employees.

You can find out what your staffs and team members are doing at work by checking their status update.

Chatter enables you to follow up on the demand of your customers. Managers or sales executives can use this platform to communicate and check up on the accounts of clients. With this platform, you can designate responsibility to your employees.

Chatter helps you trail other followers or companies that are a part of your salesforce profile. It allows for collaboration of data from various companies that can be attached to your company’s internal record.

This platform is also easy to use and gives you access to other social networks. The collaboration works within the boundary of Salesforce which is secure. You don’t need to worry about exposing your details to the public.

On the other hand, salesforce license can be quite expensive for a mid-size company so you must have the financial capacity to be able to renew your license yearly.

Most mid-size and large companies know how difficult it can be to harness communication and collaboration for the growth and development of the company.

Using these social business softwares will make things easier for your company. it might seem awkward at first especially if you are not used to it but it will surely help your company grow.